Integrative Health Solutions remains open and is closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19.  During this difficult time, consultations with our doctors and other practitioners will primarily be offered by phone, or online.  Appointments at the practice are still available for services such as: injections, infusions, vaccines (flu vaccine clinics begin in April), musculoskeletal medicine, PRP / Prolotherapy etc.  If you are coming in, please observe social distancing guidelines and hand hygiene standards.

If you develop symptoms of covid-19, DO NOT come into the practice.  Please present to the Covid-19 walk in clinic at Flinders Hospital, northern entrance, for testing.  They are open 7 days a week, from 10am – 8pm.  If you prefer you can phone the covid-19 Hotline, or book a telehealth consultation to speak with one of our doctors.

Our doctors will offer patients consultations primarily by phone / telehealth at this time.  Thanks to the new Medicare telehealth item numbers, you may now be able to obtain a rebate for these consultations. If you are eligible for a telehealth rebate, there will be NO GAP for these consultations with a GP and they will be available in 10, or 20 min appointments.

Patients who have not been seen in the past 12 months are NOT eligible for a Medicare rebate through a telehealth consultation, at this time.  They can either choose to instead come into the practice, or pay the private fee.  If this regulation changes, we will certainly adopt those changes.

We continue to welcome new patients, though you will generally need to attend the clinic on your first appointment.

Practitioner updates:

  • Doctors:
    • Telehealth consultations are preferred at this time, unless an examination is necessary.
    • Telehealth appointments now attract a Medicare rebate and will be offered with NO GAP, if you have been seen in the past 12 months.
    • If you have not been seen in the past 12 months, you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate unless you come into the practice, or prefer to pay privately for the appointment.
    • We welcome new patients, but do encourage them to come into the practice for their first visit.  Medicare telehealth rebates are not available for new patients at this time, but appointments can be paid privately.
    • Dr Joe Terminello will be re-joining the team in April.
  • Practice Nurse: appointments for injections, vaccines, infusions etc. are still available.
  • Patients requiring procedures, or musuculoskeletal consultations can continue to come into the practice.
  • Infusion Clinics: remain unchanged at this time.

Allied / Complementary Practitioners

  • Lincoln Cotton (Chiropractor): appointments remain unchanged at this time.
  • Junji Takarabe (Acupuncture): appointments remain unchanged at this time.
  • Chelsea Prescott (TCM / Acupuncture): appointments remain unchanged at this time.
  • Maya Bianchi (TCM / Acupuncture): on maternity leave – just had a beautiful baby boy 🙂
  • Christine Crosby (Counsellor / Social Work): telehealth consults only – NO GAP with a care plan from your GP.
  • Carly Astill (Counsellor): telehealth consultations only, private fees apply.
  • Sonia Tzerefos (Naturopath, Western Herbalism, Nutrition): telehealth consultations only, private fees apply.
  • David Crisci (Naturopath): telehealth consultations only, private fees apply.
  • Rosalie Cronin (Clinical Hypnotherapy): online appointments only, private fees apply.
  • Romana Butt (Homeopathy): telehealth only, private fees apply.
  • Rebekah Popescu (Art Therapy): online appointments available only.
  • Emma Spouse (Reiki, Meditation): not currently consulting due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Aurelie Muhl (Kinesiology): not currently consulting due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • Sarah Trangmar (Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage): not currently consulting.

Additional urgent telehealth appointment times have been made available with our doctors, each day.  If you have any concerns you are welcome to book a telehealth appointment with one of our gps, at this time with no out of pocket cost to you.  We understand the difficulties many people are facing at this time and are here to help you.

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