Our Practice

Integrative Health Solutions was established in 2015 by Dr Sinclair Bode, Dr Kerry Harris and Britt Wilson. We were pleased in 2022 to expand the practice ownership team to include Dr Emmanuel Afari who has been with us for many years and is a valuable member of our team. Our aim is to provide practitioners with a warm, friendly and professional place to practice Medicine, in a supportive, safe and conducive environment. We aspire to provide excellence in service to both our patients and practitioners. Offering highly skilled and qualified practitioners with a diverse skills and knowledge base, we bring the strength of an integrative team approach where needed. The Doctors have undertaken additional post graduate training in their own particular areas of interest and value continuous education.

The team of GP’s can assist you with your routine, acute, complex and chronic medical conditions.  Our practice aims to empower people to regain their health.  We appreciate the benefits a multi-disciplinary approach can have and are pleased to offer the services a diverse range of practitioners and therapies.

Integrative Health Solutions also offers infusion therapies, a Far Infrared Sauna, group workshops in Hypnotherapy, community acupuncture and regular free public talks.

Providing you with all of your health care needs, under one roof. We can’t wait to meet you.

Our Logo

Our Logo represents the concept of us each being constructed of many puzzle pieces. We are the product of many factors, including our environment, nutrition, exposures, spiritual, mental, physical and social standing. To address a symptom / illness, one must first examine each piece of the puzzle. When each part of a person is working optimally, total wellness will be achieved.

Our logo also represents the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach, each playing an important role in your health care. It is our intention to assist you to put your pieces back together and achieve your optimal health.