Cold Laser Therapy
By: Sarah Trangmar
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Those who have had a treatment with me may well have encountered my “ magic wand” which I will whip out of my pocket when I find a particular sore, stubborn spot in a muscle, or an area which isn’t healing as it should, or scar tissue which is hard, or an area of lymphatic dysfunction which needs a little help. This is my portable cold laser, an LTU-904 to be precise.

So – what exactly IS cold laser and HOW does it work?
The portable laser unit that I use is the LTU – 904, an infrared laser operating at a wavelength of 904 nanometers. This wavelength is invisible to the eye and is non heating (hence the term cold laser”) but penetrates tissue to a depth of up to 2-3 cms.

The Laser Effect
Infra-red energy is absorbed in the cell membrane, where it induces a photophysical reaction which directly mediates the membrane potential, resulting in the intra and extra cellular transport of photoproducts. The ultimate photoresponse is cellular proliferation. The cellular mechanisms are immediate, and are followed by secondary local reactions as the photoproducts interact with surrounding cells and tissue, producing such documented effects as enhanced blood and lymphatic flow, and photomediated neural responses. The local reactions are followed by systemic effects as the photoproducts are carried by the blood and lymphatic systems around the body, and the photomediated neuroresponses take effect. “ ( Light and Laser Therapy Clinical Procedures)
In a nutshell – it gives cells a kick up the butt and they make a whole lot more ATP (energy molecule) which then sets up a domino effect of all sorts of responses throughout the system which results in improved lymphatic flow, circulation, anti- inflammatory and analgesic effects and muscular relaxation.

I originally bought my laser unit in order to be able to better help my lymphoedema patients and I bought this particular unit because it was used in the only randomised double blind clinical trial for any lymphoedema treatment in the world. The study has been published in the very reputable journal “Cancer” (2003 edition). It also the only unit that has been cleared by the FDA for use in lymphoedema. Although I bought it for lymphatic and scar tissue originally I am finding it to be an invaluable tool in treating many other conditions, plantar fasciitis, carpel tunnel and fibromyalgia to name a few. It is also invaluable in helping to ease pain in people who cannot tolerate a deep massage.

I consult on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and am pleased to work with new patients.

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