A new garden for community

We are pleased to announce that a community garden is now being established on our grounds, surrounding what was previously the former Blackwood Hospital. The Cherington Garden is about to become a therapeutic community garden! The aim is to create a sustainable organic food garden and develop regular workshops and programs, demonstrating the benefits and importance of health & well-being through organic gardening.

The project is being run by Diana Bickford and has been designed in collaboration with Sophie Thomson, of Gardening Australia. It is a well-being initiative of the Cancer Care Centre & CanTeen and is being supported using a special project grant from the Mitcham Council.

Our beautiful garden beds are about to receive a spring makeover with the addition of vegetables, herbs and a new compost area. A butterfly and bee bed will also be created in the near future. We are grateful to Diana Bickford for overseeing the establishment of this community garden and for running workshops and working bees for those who would like to join in.

For those who would like to become involved, please come along and join in a working bee. They will be held every fortnight on a Wednesday, beginning on 4.9.19, from 2.00 – 4.00pm.

We hope this creates an inspiring environment and positive experience for all involved.

We will keep you updated with progress and photo’s as the garden progresses.

Wed 4/9/19, from 2.00 – 4.00pm
and then fortnightly thereafter.
Parking is available offsite and Diana will direct you once you arrive.


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