Working on scar tissue is always unique and individual, no two scars every respond the same, it is important to realize that you are working on a whole person with a scar. That scar represents a significant event in that person’s life and may have a large emotional component involved in its healing.

A scar is a reminder of our body’s miraculous ability to mend – however, the mending can be chaotic and haphazard resulting in discomfort, pain, restriction and self consciousness. A scar that on the surface has healed well and can barely be noticed can be chaotic beneath the surface creating lines of adhesion and fascial tension. The trauma associated with the event that resulted in the scar can have a long-term effect on the way the scar is perceived by the person, including the degree of pain and discomfort even after the original wound has “healed’.

I believe that there is much that can be achieved with manual touch therapy in alleviating the tension, adhesion, and structural pain lines that can be present with scarring. Of equal importance is the acknowledgment of the pain and trauma that may be associated, sometimes it may be worth working along side other strategies to help with the emotional pain eg hypnotherapy, art therapy, counseling, kinesiology.

The other aspect which I believe to be of utmost importance when working with scarring is not to rush or push too hard. The scar itself needs to dictate the pace, constant feedback from the person whilst working with the scar is paramount – this has to be teamwork. Some pain in its release is inevitable, however needs to be very carefully monitored so as not to create more tension both physically and emotionally. This will take time and patience from both practitioner and recipient!

As a practitioner, I find working with scar tissue both fascinating and rewarding – no two scars ever react or respond the same so it keeps me from becoming complacent!


Sarah Trangmar

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