At Integrative Health Solutions, we value the opportunity to provide the public free information relating to vaious topics. It is our hope that you will leave with some new, helpful information that may make a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Talks will be held at our practice, 13 Laffers Road Belair, at 6.15pm on the first Thursday of each month. Presentations will be given by at least one of our Doctor’s, other relevant practitioner’s and affiliates who are knowledgeable in the subject area. Speakers will be announced on this page prior to the event.

To secure your place at any of our talks please go to the services button, allied health appts, group bookings tab, public talks and register your details. There is no charge, however demand is high and seats are limited, therefore bookings are essential. This system has been created to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and will also allow us to contact you, if any changes to the schedule occur. We will no longer be accepting bookings via Facebook for organisation and privacy reasons. If you have any questions, or wish to cancel a booking please phone the practice.

A general waiver is required to enable photographs and video to be taken during the event. We are mindful of your privacy and any images of the public are blurred to protect your anonymity. This waiver may be completed once and applied to all the public talks that you attend, or done on an individual basis.

Public talk schedule for 2017.

Thursday 5/1/2017 ‘No talk held’

Thursday 2/2/2017 ‘Healthy Homes, Healthy Families’
Key Speakers: Dr Kerry Harris; Dr Sinclair Bode

Thursday 2/3/2017 ‘Integrative Oncology’
Key Speakers: Dr Sinclair Bode;
Guest speakers: Sarah Trangmar – Oncology Massage; Gia Pyrlis – Counselling

Thursday 13/4/2017 ‘Methylation and Mood Disorders (including MTHFR & Pyroluria)
Key Speakers: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest speakers: (to be advised)

Thursday 4/5/2017 ‘Healthy Hormones’
Key Speaker: Dr Nijole Lloyd, Dr Kerry Harris
Guest speakers: David Crisci

Thursday 1/6/2017 ‘Learning & Behavioral Disorders’
Key Speaker: Dr Sinclair Bode
Guest speakers: Sonia Tzerefos

Thursday 6/7/2017 ‘Optimising Neurological Function (Neurodegenerative Disease)’
Key Speaker: Dr Sinclair Bode
Guest speakers: Joel Harman, Junji Takarabe

Thursday 3/8/2017 ‘Living optimally with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue’
Key Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest speakers: Eryn Morgan, Sarah Trangmar

Thursday 7/9/2017 ‘Gut Health’
Key Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest speakers: Sonia Tzerefos,

Thursday 5/10/2017 ‘Musculoskeletal Medicine (including PRP / Prolotherapy)’
Key Speaker: Dr Nijole Lloyd, Dr Cameron Day
Guest speakers: Lincoln Cotton; Abi Abbott

Thursday 2/11/2017 ‘Maintaining a healthy diet in the 21st Century’
Key Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest speakers: Sonia Tzerefos

Thursday 7/12/2017 ‘To be advised’
Key Speaker: To be advised
Guest speakers: To be advised

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you.

This timetable may be subject to change.


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