Do you feel a bit more tense and stressed in the colder winter months? Yes, well chances are it is caused by sore joints, or a feeling of tightness in the muscles, or stress from day-to-day living. Some people may also suffer from arthritis which usually feels worse in the cooler months.

People may also feel run down, trying to keep warm and going about your day-to-day business. Now is a great time to help improve your well-being with a massage. Improving blood flow, releasing tight and tired muscles, hydrate dry skin, your mental health, and the immune system. Helping you through these cool months.

The benefits of Cold Weather massage
Getting regular massages in the colder months will help keep your body and mind alert and more flexible. The shorter, cooler days make it less likely that people will be out moving, or exercising as much. This may increase the and feeling flat from the cold and rain outside.

Yet, when you made that booking and come to a massage, it will help you feel the benefits, helping to improve yourself.

So, what can you expect from a massage?

Helps dry skin
During winter the skin is not as hydrated as it is in summer, usually from heated air conditioning, the cold weather, etc.

Massage helps as lotions or oils are used to hydrate the skin. Also, a massage helps to improve blood flow which improves skin cells getting the hydration it needs to keep healthy.

Helps to Improve Flexibility
Our muscles and joints tend to suffer from the cold with less movement. A massage improves your muscles and joints by manipulation. This wakes up the blood flow and helps remove restrictions. Soon your body will feel warmer from improved blood flow. Which in turn makes it easier to turn the neck, walk or run and allow the joints to move more freely.
Helps mental health

Some people feel a bit down during winter, the cold, stuck inside, this is also the worst time for seasonal depression,

Massage is an excellent way to help to relax and destress. A massage helps to release serotonin and endorphins which helps you to feel a lot better, happier, and more relaxed, not to mention sleep better.

Helping the Immune System
During the colder months of winter, more people develop the flu or cold, as the immune system is not as strong. Massage can help to boost your immune system. A strong immune system is imperative to a healthier you.

We need a good healthy immune system which helps to strengthen the white blood cells to defend against disease, virus, and infections.

Massage can boost your immune system and help your body fight off infections. By stimulating the lymph nodes, helping the white blood cells to better defend you from disease and infections.

Having regular massages is a great way to help your immune system and having a healthier winter.

Helps Improve circulation
Winter is a cold time, as it slows down blood circulation, where blood vessels constrict. It’s when you feel a bit harder to get out of bed or a chair, you feel sore somewhere. You feel like you’re dragging your feet.

People who have had a massage, generally feel warmer, more mobility and ready to go and do what they need to.

Why? Better blood circulation, warmer muscles and, a feeling of better mobility.

If you are feeling cold or flat, uptight sore or cold. This is a great time to book a massage today and feel better within.

Helps with Cold Winter Aches and Pains
The cold winter weather can stress your aches and pains or injuries you have, causing discomfort. Many people put up with it and may get worse. Just think is it worth putting up with the pain which could be reduced?

Back pain is a common complaint for many in winter. Many people will put up with it and try various steps such as rest, living with it and trying to find a comfortable position sitting or sleeping.

A good massage will help with pain or an injury. A good back rub will help improve blood flow, break down restrictions in muscles and joints.

A good massage helps to relax muscle tissue, reducing pain and discomfort. Massage in turn helps to reduce also entrapped nerves, compression, thus, allowing nutrients to travel through the body’s tissues and improving the function of your muscles and joints.

Time for A Massage
Massage is so beneficial in Winter; it helps to keep you at the top of your health. As above it helps your immune system, muscles and joints, blood circulation, aches and pains and a good night’s sleep.

Booking a Remedial Massage, what is It?
Remedial massage helps to improve various health problems with bones, muscles, joints, tendons and various health conditions of aches, pain, and stress.
Massage helps to speed up the body’s own healing processes, using various pressures from deep to gentle strokes. Each person is treated differently depending on their needs. We may also incorporate light stretching to assist in the process.

Book online here today. Your body will thank you.

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