Integrative Health Solutions is pleased to present our list of free public talks for 2018.

Discussions will be held at our practice, 13 Laffers Road Belair, from 6.15pm on the first Thursday of each month. Presentations will be given by at least one of our Doctor’s and other relevant practitioner’s and affiliates who are knowledgeable in the subject area. Speakers will be announced on this page prior to the event.

Integrative Health Solutions aspires to offer the public free information relating to various topics, from the view point of different modalities. It is our hope that you will leave with some new, helpful information that may make a positive impact on your health and well-being.

To secure your place for any of our talks please go to the services button, allied health appts, group bookings tab, public talks and register your details. There is no charge or obligation, however seats are limited and therefore we do require an indication of numbers of attendees. This system has been created to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and will also allow us to contact you, if for any reason a talk needs to be changed. We look forward to meeting you.


Thursday 4.1.18: No Talk

Thursday 1.2.18: Gut Health and Diet information (including weight loss, specific diets such as: Ketogenic, GAPS, FODMAPS, Palaeo etc.)
Interactive Questions and answers: Bring along your questions
Speakers: Dr Kerry Harris, Sonia Tzerefos

Thursday 1.3.18: Inflammatory Disease (including Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia, Mould, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)
Speakers: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest Speakers: Sonia Tzerefos, Maya Bianchi, Junji Takarabe

Thursday 5.4.18: Auto Immune Disorders (including: hashimotos, rheumatoid arthritis, Stills disease, Graves Disease)
Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest Speakers: Sonia Tzerefos, Chelsea Prescott

Thursday 3.5.18: Women’s Health (including: PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Infertility)
Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris
Guest Speakers: David Crisci, Maya Bianchi, Chelsea Prescott, Abi Abbott

Thursday 7.6.18: Balancing brain biochemistry (including: Pyroluria, MTHFR, BioBalance)
Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris, Dr Paulyn Pole
Guest Speakers: David Crisci, Sonia Tzerefos

Thursday 5.7.18: Children’s Health (including: Learning & behavioural disorders, autism, ADHD, Skin conditions, Gut problems)
Speaker: Dr Emmanuel Afari, Dr Kerry Harris
Guest Speakers: Sonia Tzerefos, Chelsea Prescott

Thursday 2.8.18: Improving Mental Health
Speaker: Dr Kerry Harris, Dr Paulyn Pole
Guest Speakers: Rebekah Popescu, Gia Pyrlis, Rosalie Cronin

Thursday 6.9.18: Chronic Pain Disorders (Including: Migraines, CRPS, Neuropathic pain, back pain, endometriosis)
Speakers: Dr Kerry Harris, Dr Cameron Day
Guest Speakers: Junji Takarabe, Lincoln Cotton, Sarah Trangmar

Thursday 4.10.18: Managing Stress and the effects on your body (including: adrenals, cortisol, HPA)
Speakers: Dr Sinclair Bode
Guest Speakers: David Crisci, Rosalie Cronin,

Thursday 1.11.18: No talk to be held

Thursday 6.12.18: To be advised
Speaker: To be advised
Guest Speakers: To be advised


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