What to do when I am unable to get my diabetes medicine?

There has been significant discussion lately regarding the long-term unavailability of a group of medicines used in the treatment of diabetes and in off-label use of obesity. This group, known as GLP1 agonists are now not going to back in regular supply until most likely April 2023.

This has been due to a combination of factors but due largely to the promotion of their ability to help individuals lose weight on such social media platforms as TikTok.

Such has been the demand for this once-a-week medicine including semaglutide (marketed in Australia as Ozempic) and dulaglutide (Trulicity) the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) has suggested that no new individuals with type 2 diabetes are prescribed these until a regular supply is guaranteed.

However, this is an opportunity for your diabetes healthcare team and you to review your management and begin other therapies if required. Monitoring your glucose levels and making an appointment with both your GP and credentailled diabetes educator to discuss any elevated patterns is the best way to keep healthy and on the right track. Remember these medicines will come back in stock but not at the expense of your diabetes in the meantime.

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