Winter is one of the worst times of the year for people, and yes many love that time of the year. Yet, our body goes through a lot with our normal life we need to think of keeping warm, the cold, flu, hypothermia, and with many of us cold and sore muscles.

The good news is massage therapy can help you through these times. As with any time of the year, massage is very beneficial and a good warming massage will help you with:
– Blood Circulation
– Flexibility
– Skin hydration
– De-Stress
– Assist Immunity
– Managing pain
– Being Active

Let’s look at the above in more detail

Blood Circulation
Receiving a massage, circulation is increased and improves blood flow through the arteries and veins improving muscle use. This improves oxygenated blood improving body temperature and the less likely hood of inflammation in the body.

Massage helps flexibility in how it increases elasticity. When pressure is applied to muscle fibres it stretches and elongates them which helps muscles to be more flexible as they have warmed and improved blood supply and helps to remove toxins that may inhibit blood circulation. Many people after their first massage can’t believe how freer, they feel. Remember the more flexible we are the more we can do during the day/night.

Skin Hydration
With winter often we have more layers of clothes on, the heater or air conditioning is slowly drying the air we are in which in turn dry’s the skin. A good massage uses creams, oils etc. This is used to assist the therapist to massage the body, and in turn hydrates, the body and your skin will feel hydrated and smooth.

Massage is a great stress reliever. Massage can help to reduce your stress and anxiety, it can allow you to escape into a more relaxed state. A de-stress massage helps to release endorphins and serotonin and ask anyone who has had a destress relaxing massage, they always seem to sleep better at night and have a more relaxed look at life.

Assist Immunity
is a great way to boost the immunity system. It helps to stimulate white blood cells which in turn can help the body to fight infections or viruses.

Being Active
No matter your lifestyle we are moving daily, walking, some run and do exercise etc. Often you will see people slow down or stop exercising due to aches and or pains. Yet, if we receive a message, you will find it will help to improve your activities. With improved blood flow, muscles and joints have been relaxed and loosened. It is less likely you will sit longer than you must, or slow down even stop doing things.

Massage is a great way to help improve you
Many people have massages monthly or at a time that suits them. Look at professional athletes. They must keep flexible and alert. When you watch a team sport you will find they get massages to ensure the next game, completion etc, they are at their best.

You may not be a professional sportsperson, just think how a massage could change your future, better flexibility, improved blood circulation, more relaxed and alert.

A massage is a tool that will help you to healthy. No matter if it is to de-stress or improve a particular problem.

When I get my car serviced, it is to keep it running properly. And when it ages we replace it. Which can cost thousands.

Yet, we tend to put off fixing ourselves, after it the problem may go away right? Usually not. Let’s remember our body is not easily replaced and we have it from day one, for the rest of our lives.

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