Hypnosis for Trypanophobia or Needle Phobia

It may be of interest to talk about this topic during these times where people are being asked to consider the Covid and flu vaccinations.

A fear of Injections or Trypanophobia is a extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections and hypodermic needles

Treatment of a needle phobia can be treated simply and painlessly with an effective and reliable, one or two sessions of Clinical Hypnosis.

Fears and phobia are conditional responses that present themselves in the form of heightened anxiety in given situations.

A Fear of needles is usually associated with a previous unpleasant experience or event (remembered or not)

These seemingly irrational phobias did serve a purpose at one time.

What clinical hypnosis does is to find the root cause of the phobia to enable the sufferer to deal with it and eliminate it from their life.

Hypnosis is also able to benefit patients with a range of other phobia’s and concerned. To find out if hypnothearpy may be right for you, book your FREE 30minute discovery session with Rosalie Cronin, online now.

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