Meet our Mental Health Care Team

Our experienced mental health team work with patients of all ages, in a diverse array of areas. Our professional and caring team make every effort to accommodate urgent appointment requests.  A reduced fee is available for concession card holders and rebates may apply. Please speak to our friendly staff to find out more, or book an appointment online now.


Mental Health – Accredited Social Work offers patients Medicare rebates with a mental health care plan from your GP, with only a $20 gap for concession card holders. Daniel utilises traditional counselling tools, along with psychotherapy to help a variety of patients to overcome the difficult times they may face in their lives.
He is available for urgent appointments and can assist with a variety of areas. Find out more about Daniel here

Mental Health – Psychology can offer patients Medicare rebates with a mental health care plan from your GP, for their consultations.  Our team of experienced psychologists have a diverse array of interest areas, ensuring they can help you to overcome any challenges you face, regardless of your age or situation.  They will work with you to offer strategies and tools to help move forward with a more positive outlook.

Voula Antoniadis  has a wealth of experience in  psychology, including offering organisational psychology and assisting with workcover cases.  She is also experienced in dealing with trauma, PTSD, Domestic violence, depression, anxiety, relationship and workplace issues.

Michael Tlauka has extensive experience in pscyhology and an interest in child psychology.   Michael enjoys working with children and adolescents. He has a particular interest in anxiety (including social anxiety), bullying, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, selective mutism, and behavioural difficulties.  Until Michael completes his provisional registration late in 2023, rebates will not be available.  Fees for his consultations are reduced accordingly however, these will be available in the near future.

Mental Health – Psychotherapy allows people the space to safely explore important aspects of their lives, which can result in personal growth and healing.  Psychotherapists assist with people who have experienced loss, are facing health challenges, support in end of life, anxiety, depression, trauma and exploring meaning and direction. They support those wanting to focus on specific areas in their life such as general well-being, weight loss, life transitions and much more.  Psychotherapists take a unique approach in their work with people, bringing a health and science background, which equips them to understand physical aspects of a person’s health and how they can impact mental health.

Cleo Stevenson is trained to support people struggling with a variety of issues and circumstances. She will incorporate a variety of modalities in her work, which allow her to address the physical, mental, emotional and creative needs of the people she supports. If patient’s wish too, this includes working in natural settings such as the beautiful Belair National Park and the beautiful gardens of the practice.  Rebates may be available through NDIS and your private health fund.

Silvana Forlini helps her clients shift their emotional states and lead fulfilling lives by exploring their personal values to set realistic and achievable life goals. During sessions, she uses various counselling techniques, educate clients on available treatment options, and incorporate hypnosis.  She has an interest in helping people to manage the side effects of chemotherapy and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as dealing with life transitions, anger management, anxiety and fears.  Rebates may be available through your private health fund.  She looks forward to working with you.

Mental Health – Counselling

Carly Astill is an experienced counsellor and youth worker who enjoys working with adolescents to help them overcome their everyday challenges.  Her passion and experience, when coupled with her empathetic approach and motivational coaching skills, enable her to successfully counsel a wide variety of people. Her patience and kind, personable manner ensures a strong connection with all of her patients and is certainly particularly effective when working with both children and adolescents. Rebates are unfortunately not available however, her fees are reduced to reflect this.

Daniel Haebich

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Areas of interest include: Depression, Anxiety, Excessive Ager, Guilt, Psychological Trauma, Relationship difficulties, grief and loss and carer support.

Voula Antoniadis
B.A.(Hons. Psych) Grad.Dip.Psych.Prac. Grad.Dip. Bus. Admin.

Registered Psychologist
Areas of interest include: Organisational Pscyhology, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Relationship counselling, pain disorders, abuse, domestic violence, workplace issues

Michael Tlauka
B.Sc. (Hons) and PhD in Psychology

Accredited Psychologist (provisional)
Areas of interest include: children and adolescents, social anxiety, bullying, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, selective mutism, behavioural difficulties

Cleo Stevenson
B.Sc, Masters Counselling & Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist, Counsellor
Areas of interest include: Depression, Anxiety, Chronic pain, End of life support, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, Carers support, General wellness

Silvana Forlini
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy
Areas of interest include: Anxiety / panic attacks, Fears, Life transitions, Anger management, Side effects of chemotherapy, Chronic pain, Managing IBS symptoms, Relationship challenges, Pre and Post Operative

Carly Astill
Dip.Counselling, Reiki 1 & 2.

Counselling, Reiki
Youth work, adolescent health, learning and behavioral issues, chronic illness, general counselling

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