Stephanie Howard
B. Pod

Podiatrist - Medicare rebates may apply
Areas of interest include: General Podiatry, Sports Podiatry, Ingrown toenail treatment, Diabetes Assessment, Orthotic Management, Footwear Assessments, Surgical rehabilitation

Steph is an enthusiastic Podiatrist who strives to achieve the best possible outcome for her patients. Her management involves talking a thorough medical and clinical history, in conjunction with a detailed assessment to make an accurate diagnosis. She takes into consideration all aspects of patient’s situation and combines it with her assessment to create a treatment plan that is individualised and thoughtful.

Steph has a wide range of experience and skills and can help you with:

– General Podiatry (including nail and skin care)
– Sports Podiatry
– Biomechanical Assessment
– Ingrown Toenail Treatment
– Footwear assessments
– Dry Needling
– Strength and Conditioning
– Diabetes assessment
– Orthotic management
– Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Steph is passionate about health and wellness and when not at work loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, running through the beautiful Adelaide hills or practicing yoga.

Steph welcomes new patients and will certainly do her best to accommodate any urgent appointments. She is pleased to accept EPC referrals and more importantly, bulk bills patients for any visits allocated as part of an active care plan, put in place with their GP. All EPC referrals can be faxed to the practice directly on (08) 7109 0028, for prompt approval.

Bookings can be made online here, or by phoning the practice on (08) 7231 1628.

Languages spoken: Steph speaks English.

Stephanie Howard is an independent tenant practitioner at Integrative Health Solutions and is therefore responsible for all her own conduct at this facility. Stephanie’s ABN is 55816250993.

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