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What is Reflexology and How Does it Help You?

Reflexology is an ancient therapy recorded in early Chinese Medicine and Egypt.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, which, through the manipulation of the feet, aims to assist health issues in various parts of the body.
Reflexology principle is that the feet have ‘reflex’ points that correspond to the various structures and organs of the body. For example, on the right foot, the tip of the big toe corresponds to the brain’s right brain.

Please note Reflexologists are not able to diagnose, prescribe or treat specific conditions.

In fact what a reflexologist does is help the body improve the communication between the reflex point in the foot, hand and or ear and the body part been worked on to correct itself. ]

Similar, to a piano tuner, who makes adjustments to a piano string to get the right note? The sound is then heard and felt by those listening.

Working on various parts of the feet, you are releasing toxins, tightness and stress in the feet this allows the body to self-correct any issues. Of course you may just have a sore foot, but a skilled reflexologist will be able to distinguish the difference and communication with the client will in fact confirm.

What the Client May Feel

It is interesting that when working on the feet, that the person may actually feel a sensation in the body. For instance, when manipulating the Liver, people may actually feel a tingling or some form of sensation in the liver area. Not always but this is possible.

What is happening?

The reflexologist is applying pressure to the feet, hands and or ear. This is sending a relaxing feeling via the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. This then is giving a signal to relax and improve.

This will in turn allow the organs or specific area to improve blood and oxygen supply. This will include nutrients required to give a state of relaxation.

A Reflexology Consult

It normally takes about 45 minutes to perform a Reflexology session.
You will be asked a few questions* which could include lifestyle, medical history and of course the reason for a visit. Yes, you can have a treatment just to relax. You will lie down on the massage table or if you wish sit up with feet exposed. No other clothing needs to be removed. A look at your feet will tell what is happening, from smell, puffiness, tightness and colour before starting a Reflexology treatment.

Unless the client has a specific need, generally both feet are treated, both top, bottom and around the ankle area. Each foot takes about 20 minutes. During the treatment there will be foot stretches and other methods to ensure the feet are warm, improving blood supply during the treatment. There are sore points on feet and generally a sign of problems, some pressure maybe used to remove this pain and generally when this is done, I try to keep the pain to a minimum.

Generally baby powder is all that is needed, on occasions oil or a suitable lubricant is used.

Afterwards it is important to drink at least one glass of water to assist removal of toxins. Also to help, if you have a golf ball it is by far the best thing to use on your feet while watching TV, reading at work etc. You will be shown points to work yourself to assist in improvements. It is also a great way to relax your foot during a after a busy day.

* You are unable to have reflexology in the first trimester

Types Of Reflexology

This is the most common form of treatment, as most people enjoy a good foot massage and no matter what it is very relaxing and soothing.

Not often will a reflexologist work on the hands, unless the person asks, the problem with the hand is it is smaller and maybe harder to locate the actual problem. On saying this after a treatment you maybe shown to rub or hold pressure on certain points.
One example was a client who was having trouble becoming pregnant. I showed a spot on her hand to work on, and within a short period she was pregnant.

This is not usually a therapy that people study which is unfortunate as it has so many points to help pain, relaxation, habit breaking etc. During the ear treatment, a special tool is used which pressed gently and rubbed across the ear, certain points will be sore, and these are the points to be worked on.
With a special tool, which has a rounded end, it is rubbed on the ear or some pressure before applying a small bead. It is held on by a small skin coloured tape and maybe left there for 3 – 4 days.

You will be asked to rub or hold pressure on the point/s at least 3 times a day and then you may remove it.
Note: It always pays to have someone look at the point to ensure it is not going red etc. from the bead. Which is very unusual. If it does, remove it immediately.

On occasions after a foot treatment, little beads maybe applied to the ear to assist in on going help. Generally you will be asked to rub that point 3 times a day or as needed. It always pays to have someone to look at it to ensure it is not going red or unusual changes, this also is rare, but needed.

If you have any questions at all or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me via I.H.S and discuss.

Reflexology is part of Chinese Medicine and has been a part of helping people to improve their health for many centuries. Along with the various modalities available it certainly a important part to longer life and healthier living.

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Gold Coin Tip
OMG smelly FEET!!!
If you or someone you know ever suffer from smelly feet and tried nearly everything. Maybe you have not?
Try this for 7 days, but usually by day 5 it’s done
Soak feet in a warm water and add 2 teabags and soak for 30 minutes nightly.
What is it doing? How does it work? I knew you would ask that.

The sweat pores in the feet are to open. The tannin in the tea bags actually close, the pores to how they should be.

Yes 14 teabags usually fix this problem. Cost: Less than a $2.00 for normal black tea bags.

Please let me know how it went.

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