Kirrily Chambers Advanced Practice Pharmacist CDE, Adv Diploma Nut Pharm., Grad. Dip. App. Pharm. Prac.

Diabetes Educator
Areas of interest include: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Medicine used in diabetes management, Technology used in diabetes management, Insulin, Insulin adjustment, Continuous glucose monitoring, Flash monitoring, Blood glucose monitoring, Insulin pump therapy

Medicare rebates are available with a valid chronic disease management care plan from your general practitioner.

Diabetes education aims to assist people with diabetes to make informed decisions about: Adapting lifestyle, Treatment and management options, Self monitoring of blood glucose and how to interpret and apply the results to improve diabetes management.

A diabetes educator may help people with diabetes:

– Learn basic information about diabetes and its management
– Understand how to use diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors
– Adopt healthy eating habits through nutrition education, including meal-planning, weight-loss strategies and other disease-specific
nutrition counselling
– Develop problem-solving strategies and skills to self-manage diabetes
– Monitor blood glucose and learn how to interpret and appropriately respond to the results
– Understand how their medications work, including their action, side effects, efficacy, toxicity and prescribed dosage
– Develop skills for handling stressful situations

Our diabetes educator Kirrily welcomes new patients and referrals and looks forward to working with you. She is available for appointments on Tuesday afternoons.

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