Wendy Gallard

Clinical Hypnotherapy / Reiki / Psychotherapy
Areas of interest include: Weight management, Trauma (including cancer/oncology), Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Depression, Pain Management, Self esteem, Phobias, Smoking Cessation

Wendy is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. Registered practitioner and Professional Member with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) with an Advanced Diploma’s in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

Wendy has worked in the Health, Wellness and Mental Health space for over 40 years. Her expertise and point of difference extend to working as a holistic solution-focused hypnotherapist.

Wendy migrated to Australia in the 60’s. Her story, work, life experiences and struggles led to combining her knowledge of exercise, mindfulness, breathe, nutrition, and the heart -mind – gut connection. This mind, body, heart connection having a powerful and transformational effect to a positive state of the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. For good health, addressing the underlying stresses contributing to the symptoms. Wendy began to study hypnotherapy in 2013 along with other holistic modalities, incorporating them into her practice, a holistic and solution- based hypnotherapy practice.

Wendy has two gorgeous grown-up sons. In her down time, she is studying new things, reading, hiking, bike riding, beach walks, enjoying and sharing good food and wine with friends.

Areas of interest are:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm, Burnout, Self-Sabotage
  • Weight Management & Type 2 Diabetes. Lap Banding with Hypnosis.
  • Therapeutic Hypnosis for pain & psycho-somatic health conditions, cancer, degenerative diseases
  • Fears & Insomnia
  • Quit Smoking & Vaping
  • Mentoring for your mental health … a listening ear and accountability
  • Reiki Master/trainer, Chakra Balancing, Access Consciousness Bars

Services include:

  • Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy,
  • Counselling for Hypnosis, Coaching,
  • Mentoring,
  • NLP & Time-line therapy,
  • Conversational Hypnosis, incorporating holistic modalities as Reiki 3 Master/teacher/trainer,
  • Access Consciousness Bars, SoulNar Sound & Healing practitioner.

Are you experiencing Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Weight Issues? Wendy is fully experienced in dealing with all aspects of stress management and symptoms of insomnia, panic attacks, lack confidence and low self-worth.

Wendy is caring and sensitive to your fears. Open minded, non-judgemental, with a kind but firm approach. Wendy guides you on a powerful and transformational path of change to a more fulfilling life of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH.

Call Now to book your free of charge 20 minute phone or 1-1 session. Wendy will discuss how she may be able to help you.  Health fund rebates may apply

Wendy is an independent tenant practitioner at Integrative Health Solutions and is therefore responsible for all her own conduct at this facility. Wendy’s ABN is 91 690 548 146

W: www.facebook.com/wendygallardweightloss

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