Chronic and Acute Pain management, Neuromuscular pain, Women’s hormonal balance, Headaches, Cancer treatment management, stroke rehabilitation, Parkinsons, MS, autism and other internal disorders, Anti-Aging, Cosmetic

Registered Acupuncturist – BHSc, Acupuncture

Pain management, Neuromuscular pain, Women’s hormonal balance, Headaches, Cancer treatment management and Other internal disorders

Junji came to Australia in 2001. Prior to completing his acupuncture degree, he studied a diploma of Remedial Massage and Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies and established his private clinic in over 10 years. He studied acupuncture in Japan, Australia and Ireland.

Dr. Richard Teh fu Tan (who passed away in 2015), trained Junji in his body balance method (BM). Dr. Tan was widely recognised and respected throughout the world within acupuncture circles. This Body balance Method technique involves using points other than the one which is close to the area of pain. For example, shoulder problems can be treated using acupuncture points around the ankle which avoids causing additional inflammation around the affected area. This method is very different in theory, practice and results of dry needling. Using points that are distal to the affected area clients do not need to take off their clothing as most points used are on the legs, arms and scalp.

Junji joined the Si Yuan (balance method) humanitarian medical acupuncture mission in 2017 and plans to do so again in 2018. At this time, he had the opportunity to treat people with a variety of conditions such as; cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, musculoskeletal, neurological, audiological, child birth, optical and female and male issues. After Dr Tan passed away, Junji has continued to study with the Siyuan group to improve and maintain his skills. In addition, he also has an interest in BaZi (chinese astrology) and feng shui, as they relate to client health.

In 2017, Junji undertook additional training in scalp acupuncture, taught by Prof. Ming Qing Zhu. Scalp acupuncture can be very beneficial in reducing symptoms for many neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, multiple system atrophy and stroke rehabilitation.

Junji now offers Community Acupuncture (group sessions), which allows patients requiring frequent treatments to receive them at a reduced price. This option is suitable for those who need several sessions per week, or those who have financial difficulties. It is generally advisable to have seen Junji for an initial consultation first, prior to taking part in group acupuncture. For some ailments such as acute joint pain, this is not necessary.

Through his additional training, he is confident assisting patients with symptoms such as acute and chronic pain, CRPS, Carpal tunnel, bursitis, migraine / headaches, neuromuscular pain, women’s hormonal balance, cancer treatment management and many other internal disorders.

Junji’s other passion is cooking and eating healthy food. He cooks all food from scratch and doesn’t use any artificial flavouring, chemical spices, microwaves or Teflon frying pans. Junji is happy to discuss dietary issues with you at your appointment.