Mental Health, Methylation, Digestion, Allergies, Sensitivities, Intolerances, Thyroid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Auto-immune disorders, Gut Health

Dr Pole graduated from medicine at Adelaide University in 1999. She worked at the Modbury Hospital and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in her intern and RMO years before starting her general practice (GP) training through the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. During this time she also completed a Diploma of Child Health at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Growing up in Malaysia, which has a very strong food culture, she has always been interested in food and nutrition. In 2010 she removed additives such as artificial colours and preservatives from her family’s diet and watched in amazement as her preschool childrens’ eczema and night terrors melted away after a few months. This triggered her interest in food as medicine.

She has since undertaken further training through ACNEM and Bio Balance. She has a holistic approach to general practice and is particularly interested in diet, food intolerances, gut issues, irritable bowel syndrome, all aspects of mental health especially anxiety and depression, allergies, and women’s and children’s health.

Dr Paulyn Pole welcomes new patients, however does on occasion, have a small wait time for appointments. Booking enquiries are welcomed and can be made here.

Languages spoken: Dr Pole speaks English

Dr Pole is an independent tenant practitioner at Integrative Health Solutions and is therefore responsible for all her own conduct at this facility. Paulyn Pole: ABN is 16268570549.