Identify Need

If you are viewing this page, you have  already identified a concern relating to your health that you would like to improve.   Our dedicated team of GP’s are here to help.  In addition to general practice, they have specific areas of interest and a broad understanding of both allied & complementary modalities.    Our Doctors do like a challenge and are pleased to offer patients a whole medicine approach for both chronic and acute conditions.  Our team will provide you with safe, ethical & evidence based conventional & complementary medicine and work with you to achieve your best possible outcome.

Make Contact

If you are new to the practice and wish to consult one of our Doctors, please complete an online enquiry form.   Your request will be triaged to the most appropriate practitioner and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a time. If you prefer, you are welcome to phone the practice after submitting your enquiry to book your appointment.  If your matter is urgent, please speak to our friendly reception team.  In the interim you are welcome to review our talented team of Allied & Complementary practitioners who work alongside our GP’s and may also be able to assist you through their own modality.  We are not a bulk billing practice and operate by appointment only.

Meet us

Your initial appointment will begin by meeting our friendly reception team, who will confirm your details and ensure all of your forms are complete.  You will then meet your care co-ordinator who will go through your new patient forms with you and enter these and any additional information into your notes.  This appointment will take between 15-30 mins depending on the extent of your history.  You will then meet your Doctor who will complete a detailed history and examination.  They will listen and ask questions to help them to decide what testing and treatment will be appropriate.  We suggest allowing up to 90mins for your first visit with us & look forward to meeting you.


Your second appointment with us is generally 2-6 weeks after your initial visit and you should allow approximately 45 -60mins for this appointment.  In this appointment you will review your test results in detail with your Doctor, who will explain what they mean in the context of your symptoms.  In this appointment you will also discuss how the initial treatment plan has impacted your health & wellbeing.  Your Doctor will inform you if any further testing is appropriate and of the potential treatment options available to you which may include conventional, or compounded medication, supplementation, nutrition and/or lifestyle changes.   Together you will devise a treatment plan that is clinically appropriate & manageable for you and agree on a suitable time to review your progress.

Continued Care

Your third appointment will depend on the stability of your condition but is generally 2-6 weeks after your second visit.  This appointment will allow you to review any further testing and also discuss with your Doctor how you are responding to the treatment plan.  Once your condition is manageable and stable, appointments are scheduled as required. Until then, reviews will be made appropriately to adjust your treatment plan until you reach an optimal outcome.  We are here to help you with all of your health care needs.  If you have an acute illness, or require an appointment for any general practice matters,  you can book an appointment online or over the phone.  If you Doctor does not have an appointment available at a suitable time, one of our other Doctors will be pleased to assist you.

In the interim

In the meantime, why not learn more about us?  Please feel free to review our website which will offer you insight in values, our team and our services.  You will also find our practice information sheet, new patient forms, privacy policy & fee sheets to peruse on our website.   Information regarding our location and how to find us via public transport is available on the contact us tab.  If you are not local, we have some fantastic accommodation offers available to our patients suiting a variety of circumstances.  In the interim you are welcome to review our experienced team of Allied & Complementary practitioners who may also be able to help you.

We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to our practice.