Plant based diet, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Complex health conditions, General Dietetic care
Memberships: Dietitians Association of Australia, Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist

After graduation with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2009, I have seen a wide range of chronic conditions in patients through clinical work, including post-surgical heart disease, bariatric surgery, renal disease, diabetes and cancer. I have also become very experienced in weight management, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and plant-based diets since refocusing my work within a private practice environment.

Food Intolerance
Carbohydrate intolerance – FODMAPS test diet & challenging protocol. Successful in managing IBS style symptoms.
Chemical intolerance – RPAH diet education and challenging protocol. Successful in diet related managing migraines, insomnia, hives, neurological (hyperactivity, ADHD) and digestive issues.
Food Allergies – achieving optimum nutrition when restricting foods. Computerised dietary analysis available.

Plant Based Nutrition:
Plant based diets have: ethical, health and environmental benefits. They have been shown to reverse heart disease and are very successful in weight management. Plant based diets can also reduce the risk of diabetes and various cancers.

Traditional Mediterranean populations which had the lowest risk of heart disease ate mainly plants including legumes, vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.

I have devoted the last few years in cooking and experimenting with the vast array of delicious plant food options available to us. Purely plant-based diets do require some supplementation and simple diet planning tips. I have written a recipe book and meal plan and love helping people reach optimum health.

• Computerised Dietary Intake & Analysis – available for all clients
• Plant Based E-Book purchased by dietitians around Australia
• Evidence Based Practice

Selected professional development:
• Attended Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Conference, and participated in planning meetings about national guidelines to prevent allergies in babies
• Observation at Sydney Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit – RPAH elimination diets for food chemical intolerance
• “The Mediterranean Diet: implications for primary prevention of chronic diseases”
• “Mindless eating: why we eat more than we think”

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