Hypnosis for birth preparation has been a technique that has assisted many women experience a calmer mindset for her pregnancy and birth.

While hypnosis is described as an altered state of consciousness, birthing women also naturally go into an altered state of consciousness during labour. The ability to achieve this state of mind can be inhibited by fears and anxieties a woman may have around birth. These anxieties may be based on past experiences or simply fear of the unknown.

Hypnosis for birth preparation focuses on alleviating these worries and teaches a woman how to achieve a level of deep relaxation so her mind and body are in a more at ease state to allow the natural progression of birth.

The use of hypnosis during labour may reduce the average length of labour, decrease the need for medical intervention & allow birthing women to feel more relaxed & in control. Sessions typically occur at regular intervals during pregnancy depending on a woman’s needs.

The benefit of seeing a clinical hypnotherapist is that it will allow the therapy to be personalised and address individual fears or circumstances.

If you are pregnant and would like to consider exploring the use of hypnosis for birth preparation, then Loouise would love to share her midwifery & hypnotherapy knowledge with you. Feel free to book a free 30minute discovery session with Louise Webster here to find out more.

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