Remaining Flexible

The key to remaining flexible, accepting the “what is”, learning how to ride the waves of life, appreciating everything we do have . We can choose to remain in the flow being mindful there is so much more than we know, becoming aware and opening up to new information.

Staying Connected

Remember to stay connected to those you love and those you know love you.we can even make new connections using our technology (lots of us older generation are still learning how to do this. We can learn to adapt and change with the times. Develop new skills that will empower us positively. ”Thank goodness for grandchildren “ I say. We have Zoom, Internet, Skype, Facebook, Social Networks online and of course the phone, all tools we have been gifted with for our advantage, opening up our world for connecting with each other.
We all need human connections, so even a kind word (by distancing or by phone) to someone you know who is isolated can be very uplifting and empowering, whilst knowing you can make a difference.

Relieving Stress and anxiety

Turn off the TV to continual broadcasts relating to the doom gloom.
We know media and news coverage have always been toxic to our mentality focusing on fear anger and world events that we are not in control of. I find it helpful having the apps for Local Government and the Health Department helpful to keep up with the current updates and changes we need to make. Music is a wonderful way to keep one distracted and creates a place of calm focused positivity.
Taking control of what you actively engage and feed your mind, taking responsibility for your own health and well being in mind body and spirit.
At times like this keeping our spirits high and positive, for in engaging in continual negativity will ultimately raise our cortisol levels, having us in a continual state of stress, anxiety which then lowers our resistance to disease and infection inflammation in the body.
We can instead take action by choosing wisely to activate our responses internally and positively by taking up practices of Inspirational reading, playing uplifting music, craft, meditation, walking, exercise, cooking, home-making self-hypnosis, gardening, hobbies. Mindfully focusing on what we are doing is advantageous for our health and well-being.

Last but definitely not the least. FOCUS ON THE BREATH.

Apart from regular exercise to enhance our health and well-being often we overlook how incredibly our breath can impact or make a big difference in our everyday world in managing stress and anxiety.
Taking time to explore many breathing techniques that are available to learn and continue to make us aware of what we can do simply to take control of our health and well being. By breathing well we increase our capacity of our lungs, releasing toxins that often can alleviate stress and levels of anxiety.
Remembering to breathe from low down from the gut (solar plexus) even noticing when we are in a heightened state of anxiety or stress how when we breathe from our chest it simply doesn’t release that long held stress.
One breathing technique Id like to share.. Now from the solar plexus take a breath.
Breathe in for a count of 4
Hold for a count of 7
Release for a count of 8

repeat 4-5 times a day for 6 rounds

Notice the difference you can feel..for taking this easy action to activate your desire to focus on health and well being. Making it a lifetime practice of looking for ways to overcome your challenges effectively.

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