Did you know hypnosis was used as a standard treatment for controlling medical pain, as far back as 1770?

It waned in popularity as new psychotherapy models of treatments came into being. Over the last 10 years it has made a big comeback due to the new Medical scientific research around Neuro-science and the mind-body connection.

What we do know is that pain is a brilliant feat of nature, designed to warn us that something is wrong with the body.

It is always important to obtain a medical diagnosis first to determine the cause of the pain. This ensures that you will receive the appropriate medical treatment recommended for that particular illness or injury. We do not in any way intend hypnotherapy to be a substitute for the medicine, or treatment recommended by your medical practitioner.


When you have acknowledged the pain and identified a cause, you no longer ‘need’ the pain. What we do in hypnosis, is teach you how to know your body and to better manage your pain. Learn to administer hypnosis for yourself to remove the perception of pain, or the feeling of pain. This method is simple and effective. However you do need to keep your body’s brilliant natural alarm system working. You can use self-hypnosis to control any un-useful pain you have, while still maintaining your ability to discern any new problem or challenge in the current one.

If you are currently suffering from pain associated with headaches, back pain, arthritis, cancer, toothache or even neuralgia, this is good news. Join our hypnosis group workshop to learn new techniques to administer your own pain relief and achieve the level of comfort that you need.

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