What is Meditation?
Meditation is the process of getting to know your own mind. – Sogyal Rinpoche –

Join us for a 4 week therapeutic Meditation workshop on stress and stress management, beginning Monday 7/11/16.  This workshop will focus on stress reduction and relaxation techniques and will be run by Dagmar Zobel, who is an experienced Meditation teacher.  The sessions will go for 1 ½ hours and will include educational material about stress, its effect on the body and how to manage stress effectively. The Meditation would be tailored around this topic and is open for people of all experience levels.

The topics covered will include:

Stress and its effect on the body and Mind

The relaxation response

Recognise the stressors in your life

Manage your responses


The workshop cost is $120.00 for the full 4 weeks and bookings can be made online, via the group bookings tab.  Please enrol for the first week and our staff will ensure that this booking is carried over for all four weeks.  We look forward to seeing you.